Multi-currency .... need help/discussion on an approach

I see a couple of old threads regarding multiple currency support.

Has anyone attempted to add this in the wild in any way?

I need a separate transactions ledger in a foreign currency. Perhaps it could periodically / manually be included in the Transactions tab in USD.

For example, I live for two months in Xountry and spend XSD on rent, food, transportation, and other categories. I also capture USD to XSD conversions with line items for the FX charged fees. I care about monthly in USD in the overall budget, etc. Perhaps I rollup all “food” transactions and create one entry per month in the Transactions tab in USD.

Any thoughts on pulling this off? Anyone try anything like this?

In looking at this thread, Currency conversion while adding Indian bank accounts and loan accounts, a possible solution for his problem has come to mind.

Any FX accounts that can be automated by Tiller could be segregated into their own linked spreadsheet. Then you can create a tab in your main USD Tiller using the googlefinance importxml approach to give you a USD view of these transactions and balances. You can then enter new balances in USD for these as manual accounts and enter groups of transaction from this FX transaction view tab (USD) to the Transaction tab proper. May be too much work…

Anyway, in my case above, I’m not anticipating that Tiller Money will automate much, if any of the XSD transactions.

I’d be happy to share what I do with mine - I currently am living in Shanghai, so I have separate US and China (RMB currency) budgets. I track my budgets separately and then combine them in total per category in the transactions tab (the USD one by total category and then the RMB one after converting the total of each category from RMB to USD).

Yes, I’d be interested in seeing how you’re doing the recombination. In particular how you’re handling the exchange rates, etc.

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I keep it pretty simple and just use the average exchange rate for the month and convert it all at the end of each month.

Hi Kathyn, if you don’t mind can I see how you structured your spreadsheet for these separate budgets and automate the conversion?

@kevinwib I actually do the budget tracking in YNAB (2 separate budgets-one in USD and one in CNY), export it to a CSV, convert the CNY budget and then pull the category totals for each budget into my Tiller-powered spreadsheet. I use Tiller for pulling in account balances (and hopefully soon for investment positions!).


I work in Canada and live and spend most of my money in the US, so this is a struggle for me too. So far, I have been importing all currency transactions into the same transactions sheet and then manually moving all the USD amounts into a new ‘USD Amount’ column, then replacing the ‘Amount’ with a conversion to CAD based on a formula reading the monthly exchange rate from another sheet.

I have been looking at Quicken because apparently it supports multiple currencies, but I understand Quicken doesn’t import transactions from multiple currencies. I can’t believe we haven’t got a better solution available, but I’m still looking! I’m intrigued by your idea of segregating the feeds into separate linked spreadsheets. I imagine I would have one tiller spreadsheet importing all my CAD accounts automatically, and another importing all my USD accounts, then link the information from one to the other as necessary?