Multiple Instances of Same Institution on Account Summary and in Money Feed

I have multiple instances of certain Institutions (example Chase) on my Tiller HQ Sheet Account Summary (some of these repeated institution listings include different name labels or different accounts [different account nos). These multiple iterations are also then listed in the Money Feed selection.

I certainly understand I can choose by a selection checkmark which to use in a new Sheet but the repetitions also seem appear in the Money Feed, etc.

Do I just ignore this? I would sure like the Money Feed to NOT display the old iterations of the same Institution. I’d sure prefer it display just the current with new account names and nos. And it would be nice that the master Account Summary on the linking Console could only display the Institution and its accounts once.


Hi @Larry - if you don’t want to see those older/duplicate instances you’d need to remove them from the Tiller Console.

Hi @Heather.

On the Console, it is possible to remove duplicate instances of the same Institution (think may because of separate logins personal and business; now all are in the second instance of Chase login shown here “want to keep”):

Will they eventually fall off? Or, are the repetitions there, because the older one of my 2 linked sheets may still “select” these older versions for feed? (I am about ready to unlink that older sheet and maybe that will then only display the current used instance of Chase as an institution on the console?)

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hi @Larry I’m not sure how the multiple instances got there but you can remove them by just removing all the accounts associated with the institution’s login. The guide I sent explains. Each login is unique. Removing all accounts for one login won’t remove the other login you want to keep.