Net worth graph not working

Hi - I’ve been using Tiller for a few days and I’m having an issue with the Net Worth Tracker.

It only shows me one day on the graph, every day (the current day).

And it doesn’t have the running history for the time period selected at the bottom. Here I chose one week, so I would expect to see 7/3 (when I started) - 7/6 (today), but I just see today.

I’m assuming this is running off of Balance History, which looks correct to me and I don’t have any filters on it.
I have also tried to restore it, and the functionality remains the same.

Any ideas would be great.

Hi Kevin,

When you select “Week” it will show you the latest balance it has for the current week and the last balance posted for any previous weeks (up to the space limit on the graph). Once you get more than one week of balances in, it should show a balance for each week. Below is the selection options I have on the Net Worth Sheet I am using:

Is this the same sheet you are using?


Thanks for the reply, Fred.

Yes, that is the same sheet I am using. I was wondering if that may be the case, where I just needed to wait for a week worth of data for it to start working.

I’ll just be patient and wait until next week.

Thanks again,

If you want to check out another sheet The Net Worth snapshot should show your current situation. This is also good for comparing custom time periods.

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