Net worth group totals incorrect

Hi, I appears that my net worth group totals are off across the board, for every month and every group.

I even went into the hidden columns to inspect and couldn’t see where the discrepancy was. The totals for the group are always slightly higher than the sum of the accounts its summing over – hidden cells and front end cells. Additionally, this is true for only 2 of my 3 groups.

See screenshot below for ‘proof’.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 075546

I’m not seeing this same behavior, but it is puzzling :thinking:

In my Net Worth sheet, I see a formula like this for one group amount:
=IF($Q28=$V$4,if(isblank( AU$2),iferror(1/0),SUMIF($AD$7:$AD,$B28,AU$7:AU)),IF(ISBLANK($Q28),IFERROR(1/0),OFFSET(AU$1,$R28-1,0)))

And this SUMIF portion seems to be what’s creating the group sum:
AD is the column of group names
B28 is the name of this group
AU is the column of values per account, per group, on a specific date

In your case, you cannot find the missing $2,642 in your corresponding “AU” column equivalent?

Right, I looked at the sumif function. I also pulled it out into a different cell, checked it there. Also made a similar function that would show the account balances for each account (in an adjacent column) IF they matched the same criteria as the SUMIF function. Still didn’t find it. All of the differences are different and higher in the sum.

I had just installed the two net worth sheets prior to using it today and finding this issue.

Weird. Have you tried changing the End Date and Period Unit to see if those change anything?

Figured it out. My asset and liability sums are the same in the front-end table! The SUMIF does not account for the asset vs liability class. Very peculiar. What do you see on your spreadsheet @Mark.S ?

It’s because you are using the same Group name in both Asset and Liability classes. Make the group names unique and the sums will be correct.

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Thank you @Mark.S . You are a wise man :slight_smile: that was it