Updating the Net Worth solution to continue monthly reporting forever?

I have used the “Net Worth” tracking solution for many months to great success. However, I noticed that it only keeps track of the last trailing 12 months. I can’t quite figure out how to alter the sheet to continually provide monthly updates without deleting past months. Has anyone done this successfully?

It’s not really “deleting” past months so much as shifting the view focus to new months.

One of the best things about personal finance in a spreadsheet is that you can personalize templates to your liking. If you unhide the columns off to the right, you will see a bunch of hidden data organization. You could try adding columns to the right of AU (in the latest build) to add reporting periods and then extend the formulas from AJ2:AJ to the right.

To extend the date range, you will probably need to fiddle with T7:T.

And finally, you will need to map these new periods into the visible portion of the template by adding columns to the right of O and extending the formulas from the left.

Let us know how it goes!