Net worth tracker template: is there a reason to the "up to 12 months" limit?

Hi everyone,

first post here in this community and fairly new user as well.
I was wondering if it was possible to extend the range of the net worth tracker / visualizer to a really arbitrary length of time in the past.

Right now it looks like if you select to view NW changes by week, you get up to 12 weeks, by months, up to 12 months, by quarters, up to 12 quarters, and so on … is there a reason for it? I would like to have a month by month plot that goes back as much as I have data.

Any suggestions or workaround?

Thank you!

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Good question, @mscipio. The reason for the limited timespan is a) using screen real estate effectively for most users and b) the formulas that pull month-by-month values are pretty resource intensive (so more rows and columns and more accounts) could be crippling to some spreadsheets if there is a lot of Balance History.

That said, it is definitely possible with a little work and know-how to rework the existing formulas to extend the ranges.

Let us know how it goes.