Net Worth template question: Period Unit

Is there a way to create a custom Period Unit in the Net Worth template in google docs?

The current options are week, month, quarter, and year. I would like to increase the time period to start when I started using Tiller to look at my long term net worth progress.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @sid - the net worth template was built to show 12 periods at a time in order to limit the amount of data that needed to be calculated as this is a very formula/calculation/performance intensive dashboard.

There isn’t a custom period option right now. If you were able to set a custom start/end date for the net worth sheet how would you want the data charted? Monthly, weekly, quarterly?

If the custom time period you choose spans more than 12 months, how would you want it broken up?

Hopefully that question makes sense.

@heather - Thanks for your reply! I didn’t even think about the intensity of the calculations. It would be cool to see the data chartered as monthly or quarterly. Even annually, if people had a bunch of history.

As @heather said, the sheet is super performance intensive. It needs to query the entirety of Balance History for every account for every period— hence the 12 period limitation. The size of the periods does not affect performance (i.e. customizing to 12 one year periods would be the same as querying for 12 one month periods).

When you set the period to “Year” are you not able to see far enough back in time?