Net Worth Snapshot Balance Error - Not Using Hidden Field

For whatever reason, Empower Retirement is sending a duplicated, bogus account in addition to the real account. I’m unable to get it removed from Tiller even after unchecking it in the Connected Accounts list. I have partially resolved this by calling it out in the Accounts sheet and then simply setting it to Hide.

This removed it from my Balances sheet but it’s still being included in the blue Asset top line totals on my Net Worth Snapshot even though it is hidden in the sheet itself. Seems to be a bug? It’s throwing my Net Worth way off.

That’s strange, @YouBet96. I just loaded the sheet and the Hide functionality seems to work well. When I hide an account using the Accounts sheet, the account is not listed an the net worth and type headers appear to reflect the change.

Can you unhide the hidden section off to the right and see what is happening there? When an account is hidden, it should not appear in the AB:AD section. Let us know what you find.

This is partially user error on my part upon further review. I have my Reference Date set to the first day I downloaded Tiller which was 2/24/22. It seems that on 3/5/22 Empower looks to have replaced the old account ID with a new account ID, so while I have the correct account now loading it does not have a balance for my Reference Date balances. So if I set my Reference Date to before 3/5 I get an inflated amount on my top line Net Worth roughly equal to this account balance because the reference amount is 0.

Really odd. Nothing changed on Empower’s end on the surface when I’m looking in their portal so it looks like a behind the scenes account ID change of some sort or duplication error when loading into Tiller. Kind of not surprising. I’ve always had periodic connection errors with Empower regardless of platform. Hadn’t seen this one before though.

Thanks for the response!

I don’t quite follow. Is there an issue with the template then?

Sorry. No.

Seems to be an issue with how Empower is sending over account information for this particular account.