Net Worth template not showing changing values over time

I have a question about the Net Worth template from Tiller Community Solutions. It seems to only show the dots for the current day, but no trends over time. I selected the week option. Isn’t it supposed to show the value change over the last 4 days? I just installed a few days ago. Thanks

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Hi @domoredux - it seems that selecting Week does not mean that it shows a week of data, i.e. 7 consecutive days. Instead it means that you’ll be reporting 12 week-long periods. You can see this in two places - at the far right of the green box where you selected the “Week” period it says “12 week periods available”. The second place is if you unhide the columns to the far right and look in Column T, you will see the dates that are selected for display. Perhaps you don’t have data going back far enough to establish a trend?

The design of the report is for periods of a week or more at a time, not daily, and so it would have to modified slightly to do what you were expecting. You might also check out the Net Worth Snapshot which allows you to compare any two dates. Hope that helps!