New to Tiller - Need help to get started with stock portfolio tracking

I’m new to Tiller, went through the webinare recording, searched the community, but I’m at a loss.
I’d like to use Tiller to keep track of my stock investments with my broker. I successfully linked my broker to the Excel basic Tiller template, but it does not seem to be adapted to stock investment tracking. I don’t need income, spending, and other such categories. I’d like to be able to use the data about stocks. Get the stock tickers, the type of transaction (Buy, Sell) for the type of product (Stock, Put, Call), and if possible I’d also like to see the commission fees.
Is there an Excel template more adapted to tracking stocks?
If not, could I extract data from what Tiller feeds me into Excel. For example, here are two transactions::
Msft 01sep23 380 C
Paycom Software Inc

The first contains a date (but it appears a text) and the letter C. I’d like this to be categorised as a CALL option.
The other transaction does not include de date, I’d like it to be categorised as a stock. Is there any formula that could help me to that?
Also, is there a way to extract the stock ticker into another cell?
Thank you so much for your assistance.

MS Excel has native functionality to track basic information about a stock, but you’ll have to add your own transaction level information. Someone smarter than me has probably figured that out already.

Example to get started:

  1. Enter Apple in a cell.
  2. Go to the Data menu in your ribbon and select Stocks under Data Types.
  3. Follow the guide. You can pull in all kinds of information about any listed stock using this.
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