Newly connected card not showing up in spreadsheet

Somewhere in this topic, I saw that someone had been using a Citi card with Tiller with no feed problems. I just got a new Citi double cash rewards card and lo and behold, Tiller is unable to connect. I called Citi and they said they only support Quicken. So… I guess the double cash rewards will have to comfort me as I manually add the Citi transactions to my Tiller sheet. What I was wondering, though, is whether Tiller is actively trying to add financial institutions to its collection, or whether it’s up to Tiller users to pester their financial institution to participate. (I could just switch to another card, but this one is so new, I’d rather not right now.)


Our Costco VISA card is a Citi card and it links up just fine with Tiller. I did have strange connection issues with it over this past weekend, but I re-entered my login credentials again yesterday for it, and it has worked fine for 2 straight days.

Hope this helps…

Problem fixed. Despite what Citi told me, Krista at Tiller said my card was indeed linked. What I had to do was go into Tiller Feeds and find the list of linked accounts. The box next to Citi was unchecked, so I checked it and now everything seems to work.