One: 30 Days of Financial Wins Kick Off

This is awesome, @stepheakin. Great ideas.

I encourage you to put a dollar amount on numbers two and three. I have found that without these, I can feel great about my effort, without really getting anywhere with it…a dangerous trap. Specific dollar amounts measure the progress and give us handles to manage behavior.

Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.

Really admire your approach. All the best on the journey. You’re off!


Hi @michael.shoesmith. Our son is getting married in 2022, also! Great goal toward which to work.
All the best, and congratulations!


You too! Certainly something fun and exciting to plan for and look forward to :slight_smile:

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Hi, getting caught up. My husband and my top 3 goals for the year are

  1. Save $9000 to pay for our son’s private school
  2. Save $7000 to maintain a $15k emergency fund
  3. Save $3000 to pay for travel this year once COVID is over
    Total savings - $19k

From the early days of founding Tiller, I too have been a big proponent of voting with our dollars. If you want to change the world, change where you spend your money. The world is very much a construct of where we’ve placed those votes, and the impact we can have by thoughtfully directing those dollar votes is very real. Wishing you success in 2021 @pamelamm85 !


Glad I could help! :slight_smile: I always like to try and set a measurable goal, otherwise, I get to December before I remember I wanted to do better lol

Stick to a budget so I can retire in two years


Hi Peter! I am feeling inspired by this community, so I thank you for spreading your vision and using your talents to help make the world a better place. Update so far on my conscious spending - I haven’t opened my wallet yet because I haven’t been to a store yet in 2021 and I’m not online shopping lol. I do feel the inconvenience slightly already, but I am being more creative as a result and I know the impact is worth it. Let’s make the movement move!
PS Hi Heather!

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Same to you!! How’s it going so far?

You can do it! @kfsolomon55

My top goal for 2021 is to increase my net worth by 25% (currently equivalent to $30,000).

Specific tactics include paying off credit card debt (and maybe an auto loan) and consistently contributing to my IRA (goal of $2400 total).

Whooop, there it is!!

Happy New Year to each of you! Wishing us all peace, joy, love, happiness and success in 2021!

Hi there! Going very well. I am getting the hang of the tools and really loving the Debt Planner! I hope your year and goals are off to a good start!

Hi @pamelamm85 :heart: so thankful you’re doing this challenge! And love your goals about conscious values driven spending :slight_smile: