Reconcile Lock away - per statement

Is there are way to lock transactions to statements? You can do this in quicken in that the transaction is locked whent the statement is reconciled.

Check out the Bank Statement Reconciliation Sheet :slight_smile:

Thanks I already use this but it does not lock the transactions to a statement SUCH THAT the transactions can not be modified.

Also, kinda a side question that might make this pursuite easier … Is there a way, by looking at statements tab, to see that the statement is complete?

I don’t believe that type of “lock” is available.

If the Tiller Transactions columns are both green and indicate Match, then the statement is complete.

Did not think it was possible as I poked around but thought I would ask. Basically it prevents inadvertent data changing causing off balances. Its has happened to me a couple of times and it is diruptive when it does especially if it is 3 years ago - difficult to find.

You might be able to use cell protection @dunno to prevent changing of data but there is no automated workflow and Google’s interface is slow and clumsy.