Recurring Charges with Different Dates

I like the Yearly Insights sheet as it gives me insight into recurring charges that add up to be the biggest spenders. However, I’ve noticed so many of my charges, like utilities, don’t go to the same line because the actual description line item is something like this (numbers changed):

Online Payment x1234 to Xcel Energy 03/06

I usually just manually delete the x1234 and date portions, but that’s a bit of a pain. Is there a reason this happens? It’s the case with nearly all my utilities. Can I somehow indicate for it not to happen?

You can run AutoCat to clean up those descriptions a bit for you, so they are uniform: AutoCat for Google Sheets | Tiller Help Center

Thanks! I didn’t realize that I could use AutoCat to re-write the description, I thought that column was just for a full text search.

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