Responsiveness to new feature requests

After reviewing the feature request voting page and noting how long some of these requests have been out there - I’m concerned that they are not very responsive to adding highly requested capabilities.

For those that have been with Tiller the last couple of years - are you happy with the pace of new features?

I’ve come over from Mint - and specifically would like the option to include Pending transactions. That request is the most viewed and most voted - but has been out there for a couple of years and there is literally no response from Tiller other than we have no timeline. Very concerning.

I’m relatively new to Tiller so maybe not the ideal person to answer your question. That said, Tiller has indicated that their highest priority right now is introducing a second account aggregator to improve the reliability of bank connections. I would guess that the vast majority of customer service inquiries that Tiller gets have to do with unstable/inoperative bank connections (think about how much guidance Tiller has created for how to deal with faulty bank connections).

So, while that may not be an exciting new feature that shows up on this forum, I think it’s an indication that Tiller is prioritizing responding to its customer requests in a way that maximizes the impact for the most Tiller customers. Taking it one step further, I suspect that Tiller is partly prioritizing a second aggregator precisely because it will free up so much time for their team if they aren’t constantly dealing with bank connection issues. And maybe with that extra time, we get some of the other requested features. . .

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I’ve had my finances on Tiller now for more than 5 years. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to Tiller management and the team behind the sheets. I’m more than happy with the pace and the specifics of their priority. I’ve seen them move easy stuff up to the top when they could and discuss the non easy stuff.

One of the reasons I joined Tiller originally and am so wild about them even today is this forum. They listen and respond to a degree that is amazing. They totally understand the feature popularity contest.

I’ve actually heard them discuss the pending transaction issue. And they have tossed out and asked opinions on how they might best integrate it. They might not list their every thought here on the community forum but they absolutely are not ignoring it. It’s been on my Christmas list for a long time and I hope, one day…

Personally, I"m satisfied that they are spending their efforts to ensure Tiller remains robust and viable for all of us and keeping their eye on the details, too.


I’ve been using Tiller for a little over a year now. A couple things I would add. First I have found the user community and Tiller Labs to be a great source of innovation. I’ve had a number of instances where features I thought should be developed have already been built by the community and are just as easy to plug in. As someone who works closely with a product development team professionally, I also have empathy that trying to respond to every possible feature request is a loosing battle. The art is prioritization and I’ve found Tiller to be focused and excellent at the fundamentals without selling off my data - which I appreciate.


Tiller response yesterday regarding pending transactions


Have you looked into the “Reconcile transactions” functionality in the Tiller Community Solutions extension? They have support for marking a transaction as “Reconcile with Feeds” when using the “Add a manual transaction” flow. I just manually enter transactions that I know will post in the future and mark them for reconciliation. When they download, I use the Community solution to reconcile.

It’s not quite the same thing as downloading pending transactions, but I find I only really needed that functionality for future payments I was scheduling for my checking account. Pending transactions on my credit cards tend not to be useful until they post, since the amounts authorized vs. charged sometimes differ. Perhaps this will be of some use to you to explore.