Saved Splits Not Working (Uses an Average)

Yesterday, my saved splits worked fine. Today it didn’t.
The problem: it’s taking the average (total original number, divided equally be the 42 splits). When I saw that all 42 split categories were the same, I knew something was wrong.

I have:

  1. made sure my browser is updated (it is)
  2. refreshed tiller/google sheets
  3. made sure I wasn’t going crazy and that I had listed the appropriate 42 unique amounts within my Saved Splits sheet.

Any ideas? And thanks! (I can’t imagine doing 42 manually each month…)

@dkushla can you let us know if this is still not working properly?

It seems to now, and I think I figured it out: formatting (or a lack thereof) happened.

I proceeded with the splitting, knowing that I’d have to update all the identical split dollar values into the proper amounts (but at least the categories themselves would populate into Transactions sheet). That’s when I noticed that all my dollar values were left aligned in my transactions sheet which immediately told me Sheets and the splitter wouldn’t know how to process this as numbers.

So I we’re good here.

On a side note, what was odd is that I had copied and pasted from the source values as I always do. Nothing changed with how I did that. AND I always use command+shift paste (mac version of paste without format). So not sure how the source values (formatted in dollars, so they were numbers) somehow ended up as text (or numbers that become left aligned and Sheets doesn’t consider them numbers.)

Thanks for checking in, Heather!