Sheet stopped feeding automatically

About a month or two ago I noticed that my transactions stopped populating in my sheet that i’ve had since 2019. If I manually open the feeds extension and click fill, everything populates just fine. Is there a way to resolve this?

I have noticed lately that every day or two the Auto fill switch gets turned off in the Tiller Money feeds settings.

that was totally it. thank you

I have the same issue with the “Automatic feed” turning off every few days. Is there a way to leave it on? It did not do that when I first started using the feed. Also, I have to login much more frequently now from the Google sheets extension.

Hi @arvind.govindarajan,

You should only be getting signed out automatically if you don’t launch the add-on at least once a week. This is new behavior.

Can you keep an eye on it for the next few days and let me know if it appears you’re getting signed out automatically more frequently than once every 7 days?

The Auto Fill gets toggled off when you get signed out.

We can’t change the behavior with the auto sign out at this time.


Thanks, Heather - that would explain it. Is there a reason that it is 1 week and not larger? I use it every weekend, but sometimes it maybe anywhere between Friday night and Sunday morning… I suspect, in this case, I used it last Friday night and then today…

Hi @arvind.govindarajan, okay so chatting with an engineer it looks like we were able to bump this to two weeks - hopefully that will alleviate the recurring log in riddle here :slight_smile:

I was having the same issue on another sheet and was frustrated by this.

It would be great if there was a regular what’s new page so we can track to what changes are being made to the service

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Generally, we post that type of thing here, @richl News & Announcements - Tiller Community

But in this case I deferred posting it as we needed to better understand how some of the updates we were making were going to affect things and potentially modify or roll them back if there was too much of a negative impact.

We can’t roll back the auto log out after x days simply for security reasons, but we are working to refine the timing of that.

Once we’ve got it a bit more settled I do intend to share an update via the above Community Category, though in hindsight even something would probably have been helpful. :thinking:

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Thanks Heather, having a section for updates to the service, even if just bug fixes and such would have been helpful. We could Thencomment on it with a goal to make the service better. It’s just frustrating to deal with an issue and then see it was caused by a known change.

I still find this exceedingly frustrating even with a 2 week required login time. Once configured there is NO reason I can see to launch the extension other than to support this required login issue. As I noted to support it’s a distasteful user experience especially when before it “just worked” and WORKED GREAT.

I would be very curious to know what the “security issue” is and what the threat model TIller has that they are trying to mitigate. At least a reasonable and realistic threat model would ease the frustration with the step backward in user experience.

As far as my use case. I use Tiller as a record of transactions that I can easily search to find things on occasion. I don’t necessarily look at it more than once a month or two, especially for investment accounts IRAs 401k etc which don’t need to be looked at more than a few times a year. One of my favorite thing about Tiller was being able to seamlessly open up a spreadsheet quickly that was always up to date.

I also have it set up to view more frequently on my phone. Welp, I can’t very well tell it to populate the sheet with new data on phone (my apologies if the extension can be executed on an android phone in sheets for android.)

Hi @plmarcus, sorry for your frustration here. I’ve shared your questions and concerns with our product team and will get back to you with some more details.