Splitting a balance

One of my bank accounts pulling in is actually a business account where I am a member of a 4 person LLC. On the Net Worth tab I was able to adjust the formula to just show my portion (added ()/4 to the entire formula).

Does anyone know if this is possible to set up on the balance tab?

make modification on balance history which then flows to balances, net worth, etc.

Wouldn’t that be a change that @bgallagher31 would have to make everytime Tiller pulled a new balance for that account to save on Balance History?

Based on exploring a bit, that Balance History does seem to be the best place to make such a change. Unfortunately I’d think you would have to do that for every balance entry that’s created for that account in order have Networth or other sheets that look at balance over time rather than “the latest” balance.

But doing a filter on Institution or Account would let you manually add a “=” in the beginning and a “/4” at the end of the balance and do all rows for that account in one session.
If you want to just stay on the keyboard you can click in the balance row for that account and then press:

  1. F2 Key
  2. Home Key
  3. =
  4. End Key
  5. /
  6. 4
  7. Enter or Return Key
    …and then going back to step 1 with another F2 Key press and continuing through those 7 key presses would let you go from one balance to the next dividing each by 4 while keeping your hands on the keyboard so you don’t need to touch the mouse.

If you’ve got a good way to make a keyboard macro, you can do that too.

I know there is a formula I can put that will find the account name and then divide by 4, but not sure if there is something I can put on the sheet that will do that as new rows/balances come in. Would that be a macro?