Startup Macro or Script to reduce steps required to fill my spreadsheet with new data

To open and begin work on my tiller spreadsheet (which I primarily use once monthly to track expenses for tax purposes) I need to take the following 13 steps (less steps 6-10 if i log in more often). Surely there must be a script of macro to automate this cumbersome procedure

  1. open tiller
  2. transactions tab on bottom
  3. extension button on top
  4. tiller feed
  5. feeds launch
  6. (Tiller welcome, continue with google)
  7. (google, choose an account)
  8. (enter user name)
  9. (enter password)
  10. (repeat above steps 1-5)
  11. Fill
  12. Autocat
  13. Run Autocat

Hi @bprojects:

Yikes…you’re right: that’s a lot of steps. The good news is, some of this can be automated. For example, once you login to the Tiller Feeds sidebar, you shouldn’t have to login again for some time. (There maybe a credentials refresh from time to time, but it isn’t intrusive.)

While the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar is open, click into Settings to see that your Autofill is set to, “On.” This will do the behind-the-scenes refresh of your data so most of it won’t be manual.

Finally, click into AutoCat and then Autocat Run Settings and be sure Auto Run On Fill is set to, “On.” This will apply your category rule set each time a data fill happens.

These steps should save you some valuable time and improve your user experience, reducing your 13 steps to five. (I think a script can be written to accomplish the Extension choices on open, but I don’t think that is optimal and can create some unintended complications if you need to troubleshoot the sheet in the future without the script firing on open.)

Does that help?

Thanks Brad
Better for sure but hoping that future versions or the community will introduce up a bulletproof script to open, fill, feeds and autocat

Just want to clarify that this will do a fill of available data into your spreadsheet if there is data available usually between 1AM and 7AM. If there is no data available because the account hasn’t recently refreshed it won’t have anything to fill at the time it runs.

Account refreshes (pulling the data from your bank into our system) may or may not happen automatically independent of this setting. You can refresh accounts from the Tiller Console at or from the Connected Accounts section in the sidebar of the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Based on the way you’ve described your steps, unless you’re using an incognito browser every time or using some other browser that doesn’t keep you signed in to Google you shouldn’t have to re-enter your Google username and password every time. Also, the “sign in” button on the sidebar after you Launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on should open in a separate tab so you should be able to just close that tab after it successfully logs you in and your sheet would still be open (so you shouldn’t have to do step 10 … repeating steps 1 - 5) with the sidebar automatically going to a “welcome… get started” message.

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Ha! I should have left that one to the professionals! Thanks, @heather !

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No worries @Brad.warren - just trying to offer more clarity on “domain language” cause there are so many moving parts! Thank you for all your replies here in the community, you do a great job!