Tags Report Excel Crashing in Foundation

Just downloaded the Tags Report for Excel. I successfully moved it in to a tab on my Tiller Foundations Workbook. However, when I try to implement the next step of changing the source to my Tiller Foundations sheet using the Edit Links, I get a pop up message that says " Links to ‘Tiller-Foundation-Template.xlsx’ were not updated because ‘Tiller-Foundation-Template.xlsx’ was not recalculated before it was last saved.". If I then click OK to update, Excel crashes and shuts down. If I click don’t update, the Tags Report has no Reference Data and it says to add Tags to my Transaction Sheet which I had already done. Looks like it’s referencing the Foundation Template Transaction page, so not sure why it wouldn’t be working if the Tags column exists, with Tags in it I’ve been adding. Thanks for the help in advance if you have any suggestions.

Can you try again, but make sure there isn’t an ongoing “save.” Are you using Excel Online or on your desktop? Are you saving to OneDrive or just to your machine? I haven’t seen this error before but I wonder if it has to do with any ongoing loading while you try to preform the edit/update links steps.

Not sure. I’m using Office365 and saving to one drive. I may try and delete and start over again when i get a minute. I’ve done that a couple of times already with the same Result. Another excel sheet i tried to add to the foundation template didn’t work either. A P&L spreadsheet i believe.

One other possible idea after reading a lot about this error is to try a recalculate before you edit. (Go to Formulas menu and click Recalculate). Not sure it that will help, but saw it as a solution in a few threads on-line.