Tiller Chrome Extension Add On Distinctions

There is plenty of documentation about Tiller Labs and Tiller Money Feeds add ons but I’m curious if there is one for Tiller in general?

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Check this out for a general discussion of all three with many links out to other content. Tiller is the old technology and the process has begun to start migrating it’s tools over to the other two. The article speaks much about this.


Thank you @Blake!! I figured it had something to do with the migration after the foundation template was released. I didn’t want to start trying to use that add on and find out the hard way it was outdated. Cheers!

@keenan.burkepitts - by the end of this year the only thing that will still exist in the Tiller add-on is the budgeting capabilities that support envelope/zero sum budgeting at which point it will be renamed. Everything else is actively moving to either the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (AutoCat) or the Tiller Labs add-on (business workflows and other tools/reports).

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