Tiller Community Recognitions – January 2023

Originally published at: Tiller Community Recognitions – January 2023 - Tiller

Happy New Year! Let’s begin 2023 with a shoutout to our January Super Heroes.

Kudos to @jpfieber for reaching the one-year milestone, and earning yet another $50 gift certificate per the Super Hero Rewards program.

In addition to Joseph’s contributions to community discussions, he shared yet another amazing template, Budget Status. This new template will help connect your actual earnings & spending to your budget and also relate spreadsheet savings to actual account balances.

Because the Budget Status template is well-built, serves a core personal finance need, integrates well with Tiller core sheets, and provides new capabilities, Joseph earned $750 through the Tiller Builder Rewards Program for this contribution.

We’d also like to start recognizing up-and-coming community members. Shoutout to the community’s newest “Champion” members: @krwrks, @skwirler, @cgconeal and @jimf.