Tiller increasingly irrelevant with so much of my data missing

Maybe Ally and Yodlee haven’t entered into a data access agreement yet :thinking:


Yeah, I note the enthusiasm with which Ally seems to want to work with developers here. Maybe not all developers. . .

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Watching the day by day deterioration of my data in Tiller brings to home that I think I’m going to have to choose between Tiller and moving my account to another brick and mortar bank. Chase, which I already use for my credit card, is the most likely candidate. They have a very convenient branch and I might be able to use them without donating $1k to the negligible interest account. I’ll give it to April.

@rachelfhall Here is my latest. I removed the account with issues, refreshed, re-added the financial institution which added back the removed account. It downloaded transactions, but they were duplicates of all my Feb transactions. There were no March. I’ve shared this with the Tiller team, but have a feeling we might be stuck with manual imports of those accounts since that might be an issue on FirstBank’s side…

I have been using Tiller since November with no issues…however for the last 13 days or so…

I have the same problem as noted above with my Texans Credit Union feed. The balances appear to update but the transactions do not. Hoping Heather can help …

Hi @elliottcarpenter I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/ if you haven’t already. That’s where the troubleshooting process starts and ends :slight_smile:

I’ve added a checking account to Chase and am going to close my credit union account. That is my solution.

Funny thing. I opened the Chase account. Everything was perfect yesterday. I hit the add account info in Tiller and all looked good. The auto fill last night resulted in Chase completely locking my account. I had to call them and verify all over again. It is working now so all’s well that … whatever.

Closing this string of notes.

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@Rgerrans I had success for a few days. Transactions were loading although they weren’t able to recover any missing transactions prior to the 24th. No biggie. I have downloaded it manually. But now as of the 27th it seems to be broken again. I know my ticket is still open so I’m hoping they can find a permanent fix. For now I am working on how my manual import can work better as I have a feeling I may need to rely on that method.

They had me test around that date and mine wasn’t working, but they did another update today and it looks like I’m now working and was able to get all of my missing March transactions in.

I didn’t see them initially and then removed / re-added just that account. At that point I realized that the connection was turned off in the “Connected Accounts” tab and then they all came in.

Hope yours are working now as well.

Edit: Didn’t quite fully work, it’s only showing my missing transactions through 3/22…Closer but not yet there