Tiller spending tracker and Community category trends not matching


I am looking at the last 12 months of expenses in both the Tiller Spending Trends sheet and the Tiller Community sheet Category Tracker and seeing a discrepancy.

On the Insights sheet “Insights for:” is set to “Last 12 months” in the dropdown.
On the Category Tracker sheet “Start Date” is set to “=today()-365” and “End Date” set to “=TODAY()”

My Auto expense category is off by $671.98 between the 2 sheets. This is the amount of a single transaction on 5/30/2023 (and this is being examined on 5/19/2024). It seems that Spending Trends is not including this transaction but Insights is.

Does anyone know why this is? Is the Tiller Spending Trends sheet not categorizing by exact days but using months?

Perhaps it is using transactions by month from May 2024 back to June 2023 and therefore missing the 5/30/2023 transaction?

If that’s the case my trailing 12 months of expenses will often appear too low in Spending Trends since at the beginning of the month I’ll have very few transactions for that month but will be ignoring the transactions for that same month the year prior.

Yep, that’s it.

The hidden helper columns on the Spending Trends sheet reveal the Date Range.
With Last 12 Months selected:
Screenshot - 20240519_104237

One option is to use Custom and the matching formulas on the Spending Trends sheet.

Thank you for the quick response!

This all makes sense and I didn’t think to look at the helper hidden columns. I love that Tiller is set up so that end users can always see how calculations are done (and modify them if desired).

I can easily adopt the changes you mentioned.

tiller is awesome