Transactions not refreshing

I started a new spreadsheet for 2024. It downloaded several months of old transactions but hasn’t added any new ones. The daily email of transactions is coming through and my balances on tillerhq are right but can’t see them on the google sheet. What should I do?

When you say you “started a new spreadsheet,” can you be more specific? The general advice is to copy the original and use the copy as the archive and then remove the old transactions from the original and continue to use it to download your new transactions. More briefly: the original always remains your active sheet. If you “started a new spreadsheet,” as in are trying to use the copy as your active sheet, then I think you likely lost the connection to your Tiller console. You’ll likely need either to go back to the original sheet and work from there or figure out how to relink your account to the new sheet (I think there are instructions on that somewhere in the documentation, but you might need to touch base with customer service unless somebody here knows how to do it).

You may just need to do the Fill step:
Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Fill sheets

It’s a two step process:

  1. Refresh - the balances you see on tillerhq console and in daily email, Tiller has the data now
  2. Fill - fill your spreadsheet with that data (Transactions, Balance History)

Look at the Linked Spreadsheets on the Tiller Console and make sure that your accounts are attached to your new spreadsheet and not your previous one.