Travel planner template really slow

I am trying to use travel planner solution in my sheet. But when I start creating trips and add expenses etc., the entire sheet slows down considerably. I see a blue progress bar on top that says evaluating formulas for a long time (seems like always) without ever completing and the whole sheet actions slow down.
I have tried adding/removing/readding but the same issue persists. Has anyone faced this before and if there are any suggestions to use the travel planner solutions?

Funnily, i see the same kind of slowdown, but not as severe, in the video in the docs (but they attributed it to zoom call, which is not the case with me).

I don’t remember the Travel Planner being a particularly problematic sheet performance-wise, @alok.kumbhare. Is it possible your spreadsheets is overwhelmed by some other things going on in there? How many transactions do you have? How many accounts? How many templates are installed?