Update Fidelity connection?


My understanding is that Fidelity updated there connection this past weekend and now the only service that will work with Fidelity will be a service called Akoya ?

Will tiller be supporting this service to re-enable integration with fidelity?

Hi @Ari80 - we’re expecting an open banking connection with Fidelity to go live later this month, but we don’t have the dates yet so we haven’t announced it.

Did you receive some type of communication from Fidelity indicating that the connection has been updated? If so, can you share a screenshot here or send it to support@tillerhq.com? We’re not aware that it would be unavailable before the open banking connection goes live.

Received notification from an OS based app I am trialing. No notification directly from Fidelity.

If it’s not officially from Fidelity then I wouldn’t trust it too much. I have Fidelity connected personally and it’s still working fine.