Update info gaps?

It appears that when i update my sheets it doesn’t get all the info. I have noticed gaps of inactivity where there should be income and expenses showing but they aren’t there? I manually entered some activity , but income should be showing?? How do I correct this? I have not had this problem in the past.

I’d check https://sheets.tillerhq.com/ to see when the last time the related accounts have successfully been downloaded by Tiller. Selecting “Refresh” on one or more accounts may be needed, and in doing so you may need to reauthenticate.

See also https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/3799092-tiller-console-account-summary-updates-spring-2020 and more generally https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/432695-how-often-is-new-data-added-to-my-tiller-finance-spreadsheet. If selecting “Refresh” doesn’t fix it, these pages may give you enough to go on to describe a more specific problem.

Once this is fixed you may want to delete the transactions you manually entered, since they will eventually be duplicates.

The accounts are still refreshing fine and I have reauthenticated once in a while, but they are not pulling in all the information, just part of it. I know things are missing that should be there.

contact support. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

@macata75 see https://community.tillerhq.com/c/get-help/bank-feeds/26 – sounds like this might be a technical issue with your specific bank. I’d mail https://www.tillerhq.com/support/ directly so you can more freely share specific details with them.

I am happy to report that after a couple of months , all of a sudden all the missing transactions came in. Sorry to bother you.

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