Update Savings Budget - Error Message Help

Hello All,
I have my Foundation Template set up (only took about 6 attempts, slow brain here). I have add ons Savings Budget, AutoCat, and Bill Payment Tracker.

All was going well until very late last night when I attempted to update the Savings Budget. I am now receiving an Error Message:

TypeError: Cannot find function toFixed in object .

When I select “Details”, it merely repeats the error above.

Do I need to go for a 7th time? Is there a fix for this?

Thank you,

What do you mean by “update” here?

Are you trying to fill your sheet with new data using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on or something else?

Can you please share a screenshot of the error?

Hi Heather,
I created another version of the budget because I really want to get this off the ground. This is the error I am receiving.

By “updated” I mean within the “Savings Budget” template, I am selecting the option to “Update Savings Budget”.

For now, the new copy is working, but it took me three working days to get to this point. That’s on me, most likely, because I am moving over from YNAB and am trying to learn a new method of budgeting and SaaS at the same time.


Hi @kfelicidario, if it’s working in the new copy then I’d stick with that one. I’m not super familiar with that template / feature in the add-on so I don’t know what might be causing the issue, but possibly editing the Budget Journal sheet in some way that breaks the “update savings budget” function. That’s just a guess because I think that function makes changes to that sheet. @randy might know more or be able to look in the logs and see if anything obvious comes up.

I can see the errors that were triggered in the log but that doesn’t contain any of the values that resulted in the error. At the root, I think the issue is that the budget modifications are expecting number values and they are getting something else (like text values). This could happen if there are spaces or commas (or other text) in your budget/savings modification requests… or if somehow that type of content made it into you Budget Journal sheet— have you made any manual modifications to the Budget Journal sheet?

Can you tell if the changes were implemented? To me, it looks like that error message would fire when the process completes and it tries to give you a change history in the sidebar… so it is possible the implementation code worked before the crash.

I know this setup process has been time intensive and frustrating. I think you are really close to having something pretty awesome… and as painful as the learning has been you now have a pretty good understanding of how the tool is structured. Don’t lose hope.

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Hi Randy,

As I mentioned, I re-created the budget in a new file and unlinked this one. Whatever I did, I must have deleted a portion of the formula. I did edit on the budget journal, which I understand now, not to do.

I am glad to have spent the time with the set-up because I am learning quite alot!

Happy Weekend!