Venmo not connecting again

I’ve been having Venmo connection issues for weeks now too. The authentication is asking for both a credit card and expiration date to login, which doesn’t make sense. Has anyone found a work-around or are you manually entering transactions at this point?

Hi @emilya - we’re working closely with our data provider on this issue. We don’t believe that it should be prompting for full account number or card details so we do not recommend entering in that information to try and get it reconnected. They had a weeks long (or longer) outage and I guess are still getting things back in order. Thanks for your patience.

You can definitely manually track for the time being.

We found that when you log in directly to Venmo using an incognito session it will prompt for a second factor security code (2FA). The default delivery method is a code sent via text message to the phone number registered to the account. However, you can choose “confirm another way” and it does ask you to confirm you identity by entering either the full account number or card number that is the primary payment method for venmo.

We’re still working with our data provider to understand why they are skipping the default 2FA option and going straight to this alternate method. We understand our customers don’t want to enter these sensitive details in order to connect to venmo (it also may not actually work).

Thanks for your patience.

@emilya can you give this another try and see if it’s still asking for the card number and expiration or if it’s back to asking for a 2FA code sent via text? They said they pushed an update for this and I tested my own account, which was previously showing this odd behavior, but is now back to normal text 2FA.

It seems things were hit and miss there for bit and it does seem like there is some progress as now the issue is consistent. Upon refresh (Automated or Manual) the 2FA text is received, but the opportunity to authenticate with the code is never presented. The system goes straight to a notification stating there are issues authenticating credentials.

Current status with Venmo is that it will refresh successfully but it is not pulling transactions. We’re working with our data provider on this issue and we hope they will have it resolved soon.

If you use the CSV importer tool from Tiller Community Solutions there is a possibly a bug with the way the date timestamps are working. See advice here.

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Is the Venmo connection being worked on? I can get into Venmo just fine and I can get into Tiller. I can’t get Tiller to send a request a Venmo and Venmo to send a code, but then, when I put the code in, it says we’re having technical issues.

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Last update is 10 days ago from @heather (see above), @troraback.

My Venmo issue seems to have been fixed as of yesterday - a bunch of transactions from the past few months were downloaded. Of course, I had already added them manually so had to do some tedious clean up.

@bltcfo, that’s good to hear. I’m not seeing that mine is working yet. Still getting a tech error when I try to refresh. :frowning:

Just an update here we believe Venmo is working again. Please try to refresh Venmo and fill your sheet after a successful refresh. Mine successfully refreshed today and I got transactions from Nov 2022.

My Venmo transactions are working and this is the first time for me. However, I noticed that when money is pulled from my bank account to cover a payment on Venmo, there is only the expense transaction, but no deposit transaction. Looking at the app, this looks like how it works. Anyone have suggestions on how to deal without a matching deposit from a bank?

Otherwise, I guess I would just have to make it myself :frowning:

Recommend reading through this topic: Tracking Venmo with Tiller

I managed to get venmo to connect in my initial set up - but since then its gets stuck with no success in the 2fa process. is there a workaround?

One workaround is the CSV Line Items workflow. More manual but works in a pinch…

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Hi all, I noticed Venmo has been on the outage list since January 2023. I use venmo a lot for financial transactions. Is there any idea at all when it will be fixed?

Much appreciated.


Hi - can you confirm it’s not working for you? If it’s not, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - that’s our official support channel and we’ll be able to best serve you there.

The venmo issue had cleared up recently so the outage could just be stale and i’ll take a look.

It seems to be off and on. I’m marking any transactions venmo related to dig into later tbh. I don’t recall if it was working or not the last time. I want to say it was.

@heather @morgan Hi Heather and Morgan–I chatted with Morgan about this back in June and it seems to still be broken. I am not able to add another (my second) venmo account using the tiller console webpage. The MFA request from venmo is never sent to my phone. I believe I have not been able to add this second venmo account since I started with tiller in december 2022.

Additionally, the auto-collection of venmo transactions is not bringing in the funding source transaction (when money is sent from venmo to someone else, and that money is funded by your bank account), or the other way around–when transferring money from venmo to a bank, the withdrawal from the venmo account does not show up as a transaction in tiller.

The issues noted above are making working with tiller and venmo quite time consuming.

Everything else with tiller is great though! This is the one qualm I’ve been having from the start. Please help!