Connection issues: slow manual refresh needed for Venmo, Commerce Bank, NewRez

After hours poring over not-so-clear web instructions I got the requested info together and started chat, couldn’t get past the bot saying it’s “expected” to need to manually log into accounts requiring MFA (ie, basically all financial institutions) and terminating the chat.

So: our 4 accounts with these 3 vendors will only refresh if we manually log in, and so on again each day if we want the latest transactions. This process works but takes quite a long time for each–longer than just logging directly onto their sites, and yes they do require MFA, as (for instance) our Schwab accounts do, but those refresh automatically, no problem. Ditto Chase.

This is probably a deal-breaker for us, and I’m not seeing info elsewhere here on these (sorry if I missed something–support pages also are plagued with semi-duplicated information so that it’s not clear where to go for many topics).


Welcome, Dan. I get your frustration. I have to do a number of MFA log-ins when I refresh my Tiller accounts. That said, this is on the banks, not Tiller. Tiller via Yodlee (its data aggregator) accesses your data in whatever way the banks make available, and some of them don’t make it particularly easy (i.e., they don’t really make it available at all and Yodlee needs to scrape the data from their sites). Slowly but surely, more financial institutions are moving toward Open Banking standards (see Tiller’s announcement just today about PNC) that should make things easier for everybody, but the banks have their own reasons why they’ve made this a challenge for platforms like Tiller and the aggregators with which they work.

Thanks very much, dmetiller. I forgot to mention that all these accounts worked automatically with Mint, so I’m hoping there’s either a glitch here or something Tiller can change in the near future, but perhaps it’s just a limitation of the aggregator.

If there’s no fix imminent I’ll give some other apps a try and see if they work more smoothly with these institutions, b/c the slow logins can easily double or more the time it takes for typical tasks in managing our budget.

Yeah, I think different aggregators have different access to different financial institutions. Best example: Mint users were able to download Apple Card transactions in a way that no other platform with no other aggregator could. I’d guess Intuit, which had its own aggregator powering Mint, had some sort of arrangement with Goldman Sachs, which runs the Apple Card. Two huge financial institutions working together. . .

All that said, Tiller has been transparent in saying that improving bank connections is their top priority at the moment, including the possibility of adding an additional aggregator. One of the frustrating things in this whole space is how much one’s mileage may vary. So many different banks. Some work better with some aggregators; some don’t work at all with others. And it’s impossible to know until you try them (and I’ve tried just about all of them before settling on Tiller).

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