Venmo once again not working and CSV Import does not populate

Once again Venmo is returning errors on refresh. Upon uploading the CSV everything appears to work well. The Tool bar lets me know how many transactions were added as if all were successful, but there are no transactions populated in the sheet. On attempting to reload the CSV a notification that there are no new transactions pops up.

So far I have been unable to efficiently track Venmo or Stash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Chad_George - sorry that Venmo is still being a pain. It’s on our outage list and our data provider is working to correct the issue.

As far as the Tiller Community Solutions add-on not uploading the Venmo transactions, can you give it another try and make sure that the date column in the CSV export is formatted as Date. We had some other customers reporting that some mis-formatting in the Date column was causing issues with all transactions being imported.

Hello Heather,
I somehow missed this response. Venmo of course is still acting strange and manually importing does not work either.
I’m not sure what you mean by checking the date column as I import directly from the add-on. I remove the first two lines in the CSV as directed and import the edited CSV.

What have I missed?

Hoping this might all be corrected soon as Venmo and Stash are both months out of date now, so the point in tracking on Tiller is becoming moot.

Hi @Chad_George - we’re in touch with our data provider about the overall issue with Venmo. Hopefully they’ll get that working again soon. Right now the refreshes succeed, but no transactions are being pulled in.

Regarding the dates, I mean when you export the CSV from Venmo, before you import it using Tiller Community Solutions > CSV import tool, open the CSV and reformat the date column to use a short date format. mm/dd/yyyy

Here is a thread describing how to fix the dates that worked for someone: CSV Line Item Importer Bug for Venmo (plus potential source) - #3 by connor.fee