Virginia 529 - Link Personal Finance Software Support

The Virginia 529 site has the ability to create an app specific password for personal finance software. However, unlike some other sites that support this option, it uses a different login page than your main account.

How do I request that this option is supported in Tiller feeds? Below is more information from the Virginia 529 site.

Link Personal Finance Software

Use this application to easily link your Virginia529 account(s) to your personal finance software. Connect with popular providers like Mint, Albert, YNAB and many more (Please note: At this time Virginia529 accounts cannot be linked with Quicken software).

  • Step 1: Create an account nickname, login ID, password and expiration date
  • Step 2: Submit the newly created login ID and password to your personal finance software provider.
  • Step 3: Direct personal finance software to provide login ID and password at:

@RachelB have you tried reviewing the list of search results for Virginia 529 lately? Perhaps there is a separate search result that’s for “aggregator connections” or something along those lines where it’s already supported.

Have you tried setting it up and using it in Tiller as is?