Warning for First Bankcard card holders

Not sure if anyone else who has a credit card with First Bankcard has noticed that the interest they charge you each month does NOT pull in with all your other transactions. And I’m pretty sure I know why (and it is NOT a Tiller issue).

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Thanks for sharing this info. That’s really interesting that they don’t pull in that transaction. What’s your theory on that?

Theory is that when you go to your First Bankcard website and look at the list of transactions, Interest NEVER shows up there; you have to get it from your statement - and when you look at the statement, there isn’t any kind of date to tie or associate to that interest charged. Even when you “download” the transactions to a CSV file it doesn’t show up.

This is my only credit card that does this.


I agree with, @heather. It’s strange that essentially there would be an expense that is associated with the card that is not acknowledged in their account transactions. :thinking: