Welcome to the Community! Please share a little about yourself

Hi Rochelle, welcome.

If you have specific questions just post them here in the forum and we can all try to help.

I promise you will figure it out.


Thank you. I’m determined to master Tiller. In fact this weekend I solved one problem all by myself—how to unhide columns. It’s embarrassing to be so inept. I realize what I’m struggling with is simple stuff. In the meantime, the program is up and Running.

I work on it in spurts. Will go back on the attack later this week.

I appreciate your rapid response.

Shelley B.

Shelley it’s not inept, it’s just new and different . We have all been there

This is why this community is here . Good luck

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Hello I’m Ramona!
I am from Alberta, I am married with 3 kids (Husband Included) and our awesome dog Buddy. I have worked for the government now 30+ years as an Admin Assistant / IT Coordinator / Manuals / Procedures, etc. Pretty much anything they throw at me.

25+ years ago, my husband decided to start his own business in the trucking industry. As I handle all our finances, I ended up with a 2nd unwanted job. Over the years I have been constantly researching for a better way to track our personal finances, and of course his bookkeeping. I have spent a small fortune trying different apps that looked promising, but they all came up short. They were always to constricting in one or the other. I wasn’t able to get the results I was looking for.

Anything that I have learned about computers, I have learned on my own. So I decided to create my own database using Microsoft Access, by watching hours of videos, etc. online. I did eventually create an income and expense database for my husbands business, but of course the database is only as good as the person that wrote it. Hahaha enough said. As I was just learning, there are many things that I need to change for the expense database, but don’t seem to have the time.

I have spent the last few weeks getting ready for tax time (Ugh!), and I thought I found the perfect app once again. I was soooooo excited. I spent the time to learn how to use it, signed up, got it set up, and 2 days later when I was ready to actually work with the data for taxes, I couldn’t login. I was devasted, frustrated, upset, etc. Just when I think I found the perfect tool … Back to Excel I go.

Just before I found the not so perfect app above, I noticed Tiller too. However Tiller Google has many more cool possibilities than Excel, and I have never used Google except for a browser. Which is why I tried the other app first. Oops! Should have just learned Google and Tiller instead.

So this weekend I have been watching your awesome videos, documents, and checking out the posts from others. I am convinced that this is the place I need to be. I love the auto bank connection, splitting transactions, rules, customizable categories, notes, tags, etc. But I especially love the community involvement, ideas, interest, creativity, etc.

  • Where are you feeling stuck financially?

    • Finding the right tool. I think I found it this time! :slight_smile:
  • Are you still using other tools alongside Tiller? If so, which?

    • I WAS using Mint for the transactions piece to CSV and then to Excel.
  • What do you hope to gain from using Tiller Money?

    • With Tiller taking care of our personal and business finances
    • Less stress
    • More time for me to do whatever I want to do!
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Thanks for sharing your story!

I love your spirit of adventure. What a journey you’ve been on. It sounds like you like to do things your way and will work hard to try to learn and get things right. I think you’ll find Tiller is a nice balance of automation and friendliness coupled with power and endless potential for customization. It sounds like a great fit for you.

Let us know if you have any questions. I’m glad to hear the community posts and videos have been helpful. If you survived onboarding with MSFT Access, Google Sheets will be a breeze. :wind_face:

Welcome, @Ramona!

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LOL - nice one :slight_smile:



My name is Bonnie and I am from British Columbia, Canada. I am a retired CPA, CGA, but still consult in my industry which is in the BC Education System as a Secretary Treasurer/CFO. I am also a mother of two super great men and a grandmother of one. (the light of my life)
I am currently assisting my 92 year old father to transition from Quicken to Tiller, he is finding that Quicken is just more than he needs. So ultimately I am very interested in the automated and split category function.
My spreadsheet skill level is above average, however, my father is at a beginner level…so we will be sharing and learning together.
I am a noob with google sheets though, so that will be an adaptation.

At this time I am just rumbling around here trying to find a few answers.

Thanks B-}

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Welcome @bonnieroutley! What an awesome story. We seen a number of folks move from Quicken to Tiller. And it is awesome you are helping your father move to Tiller. We hope your father finds Tiller much easier to use.

Thanks for posting!

Hello & Welcome @bonnieroutley

I am a newbie too, so I just wanted to let you know my thoughts so far.
Thank God I found Tiller. Enough Said. :grinning:

I have always used Excel as it is what I have to use at work. So I am a TOTAL newbie to Google Sheets too. In fact until I found Tiller, I had never even opened a Google Sheet.

I have been setting up and organizing my data using Tiller for just about a month now. In google sheets. Through my Tiller research I had confirmed for myself, that between Excel and Google, Google was definitely the way to go. Even without any knowledge of how to use Google Sheets. Between Tiller and the Awesome Community, you can do way more using Google Sheets.

So in MHO if your dad has to learn something anyway, start with Google Sheets.
I also want to say - WAY TO GO! To your :star: Dad :star: We are never too old to learn. I love it!

P.S. I have yet to do any research with Google Sheets.