What is your Tiller Money story?

When creating Tiller Money our goal was to make tracking your finances in a spreadsheet faster and easier. We found that the most financially in tune individuals were those who used a spreadsheet. That inspired us to figure out how to remove the manual effort involved in spreadsheet based financial tracking.

Today thousands of people use Tiller Money in ways we never imagined, to understand their money their way. The power and flexibility of our automated spreadsheets have opened up limitless possibilities for customers to empower their financial lives.

But we’re curious about your success story with Tiller Money. A little less technical than other areas of this community, and a little more like sharing with a friend, let us know how Tiller Money has changed your life, habits, spending, and financial clarity. We know your story will inspire and empower others to keep their financial life on course.

We will be sharing some of your stories, with permission, with others who are considering Tiller Money on our website, blog, and social media. We may even reach out to learn more directly from you.

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