When I load the Tiller Community Solutions, it shows me as NOT logged in



There is something wrong with one of my spreadsheets. It’s just not behaving correctly. I’m able to load the Tiller Money extension, but when I load the Tiller Community extension, it always shows me as not logged in. Can someone help me to correct this?

Please see attachment.

Hi @thaichef13 the Tiller Community Solutions add-on shows this message when there is no transaction or balance data in the spreadsheet that’s been loaded by Tiller. There is no “log in” requirement for Tiller Community Solutions. Are you tabs appropriately named “Transactions” and “Balance History” ? Do they have data in them filled by Tiller?

Hi Heather, I had started a new Tiller spreadsheet with no accounts. When I attempted to access my credit union using Tiller, it failed. So my plan was to create a manual account and import the transactions using a .CSV from my credit union. I had planned to log a bug against Tiller thinking that unless you have at least 1 account, things won’t work. Because of your response, I now understand that there needs to be data filled in by Tiller in the Balance History and the Transactions tabs.

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