Where is the "appropriate place" for creating columns for importing notes?

I am trying to add my Mint data including notes so I’m using the manual workflow as described in the “Working with Manual Data> Transitioning from Mint to Tiller” document, but I’m a bit confused on the step 8a, where it says “you’ll need to add those columns in the appropriate place in the Tiller Transactions sheet.” How do I know where this appropriate place is? Is it to the right of the “account” column, or tacked on to the very end of the pre-made columns, after “date added?”

I typically add new columns to the right of the ‘Amount’ column, but technically I think they can go anywhere. I try to avoid the first or last column as sometimes weird things can happen where that new data doesn’t end up included in the previously defined range.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll just go for a spot next to amount then.

Also, name the column “Note”, not “Notes”, as Note is used/recognized by some Tiller tools.

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Good to know! Thanks.