Why do I feel so helpless figuring out how to use someone's custom workflow?

I’d like to try a custom workflow someone wrote about for categorizing transactions on a mobile device. But why is it an enormous mystery how to take something from their example template and use it in my tiller sheet? I can copy his template, and if I try to copy a sheet from it to mine, it just doesn’t work. Do you have a place somewhere in this vast site with basic instructions just to get started with this? Am I even using the right words?

That’s a pretty complicated setup, probably the most complex I’ve seen posted. Lots of interdependent pieces and if one of them isn’t right, it’s not going to work. I recall eventually being able to set this one up, but it was a struggle, and in the end I decided it wasn’t for me. You might try messaging the author either in the thread you posted, or directly and see if they can give you some pointers.

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Thanks. Well, I guess it helps to know that’s complicated even for a Super Hero. :slight_smile: I do have some basic questions, though. If the sheets in an example like that are powered by some code or macros, where do I even go in Google Sheets to try some borrowed code from such an example? Is there a tutorial somewhere here on how to start?

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@stevation based on a quick review of that solution I don’t think it’s using and custom code or macros, but if it did you’d find that under Extensions menu > Apps Script