Year-To-Date Comparison Sheet Not Populating YTD Budget Line Items

Populates ‘Actual;’ and ‘Favorability’ but not ‘YTD Budget’. Looking for a solution as to why - thanks!

:wave: @bazza_g !

Do you have budget targets set on the Categories sheet for all your categories there? What month is set in column E on the Categories sheet?

Hi Heather -

Thanks for the response. I wanted to confirm how you mean ‘budget targets’? I do have amounts set for each category in Column E.

And the month set in Column E is January, 2021.

Is it possible to share screen grabs? I think that would be helpful to illustrate.



Hi @bazza_g :

Working without a net here… :grin:

On the Year to Date sheet, if you unhide Column N and look in the cell N15, does it read 2021? If not, change it to 2021 to see if your budget numbers then populate.

I changed this cell to 2018 (for example) on my sheet to reproduce the effect you may be seeing.

Let me know.

Any chance @Brad.warren’s suggestion helped, @bazza_g?

Unfortunately not, as when I did check N15 is was in fact set to 2021 -

I was able to solve the same problem in my sheet. The issue appeared to be with a “space” value in some of the first row of values that was throwing off the calculations.

I opened the hidden fields, then I went to “U2” and did a backspace (to delete all contents in this cell). This got the rest of the “type” column to fill. Then I went to “Y2” row and did a backspace. This got the “Category Row” column to fill, causing a cascade of other columns to work and the sheet to work as planned.

Hope this helps some other people!

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