Year to date issue - not all data copying correctly from Categories

I was excited to find the Year to Date template because it’s exactly what I was looking for. However, when I added the sheet, not all of the data from my Categories sheet came across properly. Every row of my categories has the Group, Type, and every month of the year populated, but some categories are wrong or missing in the Year to Date sheet.

I’ve read the doc for this and can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

Welcome @sas.solstice :wave:

Sorry about the trouble you’re experiencing with the Year to Date sheet.

For any categories that are missing, double check that they’re not marked as “hide” in the Hide from reports column on the Categories sheet. Also double check there are transactions categorized for those categories.

As far as the ones that are wrong, can you share some screenshots here? Feel free to mask any sensitive data, but we’ll need some more specific details to help you diagnose.

Oddly, overnight the Year to Date sheet has corrected itself and is now working perfectly. Not that it matters now, but I had already checked the Hide setting, and the categories did have transactions.

Thanks for your quick response. Next time, I’ll sleep on it before I post.

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No worries, @sas.solstice. Glad to hear the issue is resolved.