A Better Way to Deal with Amazon Transactions

Sent you a private message! Thanks and hope it’s great!

I sent you a private message, thanks!

Hey everyone who has tried @jsharpie7’s solution!

This workflow has been live for a year and a half and dozens have tried it… yet there are no reviews. :slightly_frowning_face:

We’re curious how this workflow worked out for you!

Let us all know what you think.

I tried it and never could get it to work. there was no invitation to ask questions or comfortable way to leave feedback so i just abandoned and went back to the order history/Import-CSV Add-On which is way easier and does what I want.

It’s a bit more complicated than the Add-On. If it works as designed, it might be about the same amount of fiddling once you get it set up. Since I never got it going, I didn’t find out.

I would not recommend it. The Add-On is free and comes with unending fabulous support. I’d send my friends to it!


Hi, I came across this post and am very interested in learning about Amazon import and integration with Tiller. Also can donate to the cause if that’s still needed! Thank you!

how does this work? i’m so lost!

Can you send me the details for your nifty Amazon transaction hack, and how to tip you?

@susandennis Sorry you couldn’t get it working. It works great for me as long as I do it frequently enough and the Chrome add-on is working properly…which is out of our control.

I could probably offer a little help but will likely need a week to respond.

I sent you a message!

I tried it, but the Amazon download csv itemizes each item price and omits additional charges like sales tax, so importing it to my Transactions does not match the actual transaction I see coming from my bank/credit card.

Hi Chas, I searched my messages and I’ve not sent you the process for this. Your feedback doesn’t apply to the system I set up. What you described is part of the reason I created this workflow.

Chas, it sounds like you downloaded an Items type report from Amazon’s Order History Reports page. In the Report Type menu, you can select Orders and shipments which will list more order info including tax and total.
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 1.21.54 PM

Note that this other report is probably not suitable for directly importing into your Transaction sheet. It seems that Amazon does not currently offer a single download conducive to direct import.

Also note that Amazon has announced that Order History Reports will be unavailable after March 20, 2023.


Please send the template and donation info. Thanks!

Interesting. I currently use the Amazon Data Download. Then using PowerShell import the CSV of transactions, then for any transaction since the last import, I add it to an Excel spreadsheet with a column for Home or Business; apply some logic to calculate a value for that column. I mostly do this to track business transactions. Yeah its in a separate spreadsheet but for tax reporting it works.

I’m interested, and would like to donate. Please send the template and donation info. Thanks!

In case anybody is looking for another way to deal with Amazon transactions (and they don’t mind getting a new credit card), also take a look at this thread to get your purchase descriptions flowing into your Tiller sheet automatically: