Account Names Revert Back Every Time I Update Feeds

I am using the Debt Payoff Planner in sheets, and every time I autofill to update my feeds / balances two of my credit card accounts don’t update, and the current balance appears blank. These two cards are both Chase cards, and I had to manually change their names in the balance history to the actual names of the cards in order to differentiate them and that would fix it. However, I am having to manually do this every single time I update my feeds. I may be missing something…but is there a way to fix this permanently so the updated account names save and I don’t have to keep updating them myself?


Have you tried changing the names of the cards in the Tiller Console? You can do it by clicking on the edit button to the right of the account name, and you’ll see Rename there as an option. I think that’s the recommended way to change account names.

Hi! Do you mean the Money Feeds console? If so, when I go to Connected Accounts and click the settings by Chase accounts, it just prompts me to log in through Chase, which I do, and it just re-links the same cards with the same names (they both appear as "Credit Card…XXXX respectively) and i don’t see any place it allows me to change the name in that console. Again, sorry if I am missing a step!

I think you are talking about the sidebar on sheets. I’m talking about the console at I think it’s generally an easier place from which to manage account connections. You should see this next to the names of your accounts in the console. Click on Edit and then Rename.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.54.59 AM

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Ah! That fixed it. I am new user and hadn’t found the console yet :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

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Happy to help. I think most people around here would say that they prefer to manage their accounts–refreshing and the like–from the console rather than from the sidebar. I keep two tabs open next to each other–one with the console and one with my sheets–and flip back-and-forth between them as necessary.