Data is disappearing on Debt Planner, Accounts and Balances Page

I was trying to adjust my debt planner sheet, and I realized the accounts sheet wasn’t categorizing accounts accurately. I did delete the first row, because is looked like a card was identified that no longer existed on the tiller console page. Now there is no data populating on the debt planner page, the balances sheet is blank, and I can’t select any of my accounts from the drop down for each name. If I refresh the page, the data will populate momentarily, then it disappears.


It sounds like you accidentally damaged the Accounts sheet, @ereitz. You can restore it going to the new Templates menu in Tiller Money Feeds, then clicking restore below the Accounts header. The Debt Planner and Balances sheets should start working again once the Accounts sheet is fixed.

Let me know if this works.

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Hi Randy - thanks so much for your reply! I think this is exactly what I needed. However, when I get into my Tiller spreadsheet, I try to open the tiller money feed extension, and I’m getting a “working” message as if the money feed is loading. But it never opens. Do you think this could be related? Should I just try again at another time? Thanks!

Ok, I ended up restoring a previous version (file>previous versions) by creating a copy. In the copy I’m able to open the tiller money feeds again. I think I’m good now - note to not delete anything from the accounts tab :laughing: