Account Tab restore

I updated a couple tabs (Accounts and Monthly Budget) last night and then I got weird letters and numbers added to all my accounts. I couldn’t figure out how to make them go away and then it started making all the info in my tabs wrong. Mostly it wouldn’t update my Balances. So I deleted the Accounts tabs thinking I could just add it back with the Solutions. Well it’s not there and I can’t find where to get it back. And hopefully correct.

I was able to get the original template and copy the accounts tab onto my template. However the Balances sheet isn’t populated with any information and the accounts that are showing up on the Accounts tab still have weird numbers: Personal Checking - xxxxxxx (6DF1)


Do you have red arrows in the Account column in the Accounts tab? If so, click and select the proper account again. That weird number you mention is likely correct.

I was able to figure it out. I guess. I got the Balance sheet to populate correctly. But the (6DF1) number is still there. It just wasn’t there previous to the update. There is a different set of numbers for each account.

@bethhill82, are you all set here? if not, please reach out to - this is definitely unexpected behavior and would want to figure out what the cause was and how you resolved it. Thanks!