America First Credit Union Not refreshing

Hey @dmetiller sure every aggregation service has issues. I’ve been using them for 20 years and been through onboarding hiccups plenty of times. The issue isn’t occasional data feed errors, it is when communication breaks down and there’s no recourse but to come to public forums to ask questions and seek help.

Tiller’s now working on my issue, but it bears clarification. I experienced the issue Spencer mentioned at the top of the thread. I submitted a ticket and followed the guide support sent. Then I asked a clarifying question, reporting my findings, I was sent the same guide with no acknowledgement of the developments I had reported.

In the meantime I confirmed with the bank that there was no issue or user action required. I tried sending my findings to Tiller, expecting a follow up.

Then it was radio silence for two days.

With support not responding to my ticket, I came to the forums and posted my frustration as a last resort.

So sure, other services have issues, but there’s usually a way to contact someone.

In the end Morgan reached out, acknowledged a misstep, took the feedback, and now things are on the right track with the right expectations set. I hope they implement another way to report issues. I’m rooting for Tiller.