Auto-complete stopped working

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I have been using Tiller with Google sheets for a few years. I manually add the majority of transactions I make, using the Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/Tools/Add manual transaction add-on thing. Until recently, the form would auto-complete the “Description” field after I would type the first several letters of the description. That is, it would present a suggested entry which I could accept or reject.
I recently upgraded from a quite old MacBook to a new MacBook; the auto-complete no longer works.

How can I get the form to suggest auto-completion choices again?

Thank you.

That is a google sheets feature independent of Tiller, however you should be able to go to Tools in the menu, and then select autocomplete, and make sure that enable autocomplete is turned on for your sheet. I don’t think that this is machine dependent, but with making the switch, it could have something to do with your cache and/or history to make the suggestions.


If all the autocomplete that bentyre1 mentioned is turned on, also make sure there aren’t any blank cells above in the column of the cell you want to auto complete, or immediately below as those can sometimes break that function


I think that @bentyre1 is right, @cogreg. We didn’t build any autocomplete functionality into the manual transaction workflow… so that capability is coming from the OS or the browser. I agree that digging into those settings is your best bet.

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Thanks to each of you.
The autocomplete function is indeed activated and the autocomplete still doesn’t work, so I can’t mark these replies as “Solution” yet; but I will keep tinkering around when I get the time.
Again, thank you.

I messed around a little more with this and found what @ctlee said to be true, if there are any spaces in the data or blank cells rather, autofill will not be able to find similarities beyond that blank. So just make sure you don’t have any blanks.

Thank you. I can’t say that’s a solution because I do not have any blanks or spaces. So I’ll keep looking.
But thank you for helping.