Automatic Daily snapshot

I have a few investment accounts, and i committed myself to learning more about investment this year. Is there a way to take a daily snapshot of my investment accounts so that i can compare them over time? For example, suppose i bought an etf last week, and i see the market is dropping, and i want to see the current value of the etf today vs one week ago - is there a way to keep a running snapshot of balances in certain accounts?

You can do this using the Net Worth Snapshot solution by setting the Reference Date and Comparison Date filters at the top.


  • It’s a Day X to Day Y comparison so if you are looking for a running, multiple day view it won’t work.
  • Also, it’s at the Account level so if you only have the 1 ETF in this account it would work. If you have multiple funds in the same account, then you won’t be able to drill down to the 1 ETF’s performance.

Not sure if the investment reports can do that, but you can use GOOGLEFINANCE formula to get a list of prices by day and then use that to multiply by your holding, etc.