'Balances' tab won't delete old credit card

I unchecked a credit card off of my ‘Tiller Console’ page, but the ‘Balances’ tab in my foundations spreadsheet still displays that card. If I just delete that from the ‘Balances’ tab it removes the formatting and prevents another card from potentially taking its place.

How can I fix this?

Unchecking just unlinks the account from your sheet. It does not delete the account or any transactions previously downloaded.

The Balances tab just pulls data so it will refresh from the source. In this case, the source is the accounts tab. You can go there and just ‘hide’ it and your Balances tab will reflect what you want. (You could also delete the account but hiding it is probably a safer bet.)


That has fixed the issue, thanks

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@susandennis suggests the best practice way of not showing a balance any longer, however if you want to remove all instances in your spreadsheet you’ll need to go to the balance history sheet and filter for that account and delete all of those rows of data, however if you’re like me, hoard the data and just change your view as suggested.