Best way to start over?

Hey all! So I just started using Tiller and being a hands-on learner, I kind of just jumped in and started messing with stuff to see how it all works. I’ve not gone too far down the road but now have a better idea of how I’d like to set stuff up. Is there a way I can reset the whole sheet and start from scratch, or should I just delete all of the rows and reconnect my accounts? Thanks for your help!

I think I’d go to where it shows you your currently linked sheet, and ‘unlink’ it (expand the arrow to the right of the sheet name and scroll to the bottom of the accounts list). You can then use “Create a Spreadsheet” to start fresh, opening a new template and linking it to the feed.


fear not… i started over many times. once after 6 months! just go to the console and link up another sheet and go. there is a limit to how many sheets you can link I think, so once you are done with the bollixed one, just unlink it from the console ( ).


Thanks, all! Very helpful, appreciate the quick responses.